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Khaos Sektor – Time Slip Out Now!

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July 10th, 2015

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Artist: Khaos Sektor
Title: Time Splip
Genre: Forest PsyTrance
Release Date: July 2015
Catalogue nº: UADR003
Mastering: Zoolog
Artwork: Amal Dave
Format: Digital

: Description :

Paranormal Phenomenons, time travel via unknown means, alternate versions of present reality-time slips conduce people to obscure and bizarre experiences defying all normal conventions and skeptics.
The definition of time is our experience through it, sometimes hours and minutes don´t seem to flow in the way we normally experience it.
Reports of gaps in time, jumps through time and glimpses into past or future, events can be disorienting but also mind-blowing. Those who dare to be enveloped by a time slip will change their full perception of life.

: Tracklist :

01. Khaos Sektor – Time Machine (Intro)
02. Khaos Sektor vs Gompa Nubra – Temporal Geometry Ghost Spaceship
03. Khaos Sektor & Biosynthesis – Doctor Parnassus RMX
04. Khaos Sektor – Time Slip
05. Khaos Sektor & TerraTech – Sugar and Salt
06. Khaos Sektor vs Spore vs Atomental – Computer 9000 HAL
07. Khaos Sektor vs Sunchild – The Twilight Zone
08. Khaos Sektor vs Kerlivin vs Koala – Zero Point
09. Khaos Sektor vs Digitalist – Flight of the Navigator
10. Khaos Sektor – Namah Shivaya

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