Wawii – Ancestral Technology (EP)

Wawii – Ancestral Technology (EP)
  • Genre:Forest Psychedelic Trance
  • Release date:01 Mar 2023
  • Catalogue Nr:UADR016
  • Mastering:TerraTech
  • Artwork:PsyflyArt
  • Format:Digital

Urban Antidote is ready to present you the first debut EP by our based artist Wawii, “Ancestral Technology” will have 4 unreleased tracks refined with a unusual sense of psychedelic care.

Ancestral Technology its a story that was developed and created with some solid experiences on a dancefloor that was transformed to a music tale.

The main intention is to guide the listener in having an happy and psychedelic experience.

This Ep has dynamic productions specially made with the focus on the dancefloor and connect each other with the ancient technology.