VA Modulating Architects

VA Modulating Architects
  • Genre:Psychedelic Trance
  • Release date:17 Sep 2015
  • Catalogue Nr:UARCD005
  • Mastering:Drumatik
  • Artwork:PsyFlyArt
  • Format:CD/ Digital

Urban Antidote present you a collection of unique and futuristic night time music.

12 Architects created this masterpiece with the inspiration of new era of psychedelic music.

We would like to thank you to all the people involved in this project, specially the creators of this compilation, without all of you this would not be possible. Also a special thank you to our beloved friends, families, and who supported us during past times, our releases, parties, the artists, and for those who will keep supporting us in future.

Your Antidote!