Praheya – Bifurcation of Worlds (EP)

Praheya – Bifurcation of Worlds (EP)
  • Genre:Deep Forest PsyTrance
  • Release date:08 Jan 2022
  • Catalogue Nr:UADR012
  • Mastering:Golden Age Audioworx
  • Artwork:PsyFlyArt
  • Format:Digital

Urban Antidote proudly present you the brandnew Ep from Praheya, “Bifurcation of Worlds” is an acoustic manifestation of the energies of the big timeline-split that is currently occurring on this planet.

I hope you enjoy this psychedelic journey through the carefully sculpted landscapes and worlds of this release. Thanks goes out to Luminaria who co-created one of the tracks. Explicit psychedelic inside, we are not responsible for any music overdose.

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