Hakka and Friends – Pillars of Creation (EP)

Hakka and Friends – Pillars of Creation (EP)
  • Genre:Night Time Psytrance
  • Release date:21 Dec 2022
  • Catalogue Nr:UADR015
  • Mastering:Hakka
  • Artwork:PsyflyArt
  • Format:Digital

We at Urban Antidote we are very happy to present you the first volume series of “Hakka and Friends”, Pillars of Creation is designed and created by Fábio Peixoto which is the the mind behind Hakka project, he presented himself as a DJ in big parties and Psytrance festivals in Brazil for 10 years, that gave him the inspiration to create his own productions.

The series “Hakka and Friends”, will have included collaboration tracks with friends that are making part of his music career as a producer. His music style is inspired by a style of Forest Psytrance with metallic leads, gloomy atmospheres and complex drums.

Each volume will be composed with five unreleased tracks with a careful psychedelic story.