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Spectral Viewer – Opidum Obscuri EP (Out Now!!)

Urban Rebuild Admin | June 22, 2018

Spectral Viewer – Opidum Obscuri EP (Out Now!)

The feeling of being in a haunted village, with no perception of what is reality and illusion.
Spectral Viewer is the meaning of seeing beyond, what our naked eye sees, and the projection of the night side of Psychedelic Trance.

1. Spectral Viewer – Voices From Beyond
2. Spectral Viewer – Psychedelic Whisper
3. Spectral Viewer – Dark Polerator
4. Spectral Viewer vs Forest Bamp – Beyond Science

All tracks Written & Produced by Tiago André from Portugal, track number 4, is a collaboration with Cosme Verdugo, from Spain.

Catalogue nº UADR008
Artwork: SGDesign
Mastering: TerraTech
Release Date: 22 June 2018
Style: Night Time Psytrance
Format: Digital

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