VA Ten Remixed

VA Ten Remixed
  • Genre:Psychedelic Trance
  • Release date:03 May 2018
  • Catalogue Nr:UADR004
  • Mastering:Lab
  • Artwork:PsyflyArt
  • Format:Digital

This compilation consists of twelve remixed tracks from our anniversary collection called “Ten”, that we released last year. A variety of new talented artists, from all over the globe, did a careful remix work on the tracks of Lab, TerraTech, and Spectral Viewer.

We are truly happy to present you this masterpiece, and also for people to get caught up on some new upcoming artists in the psychedelic trance production world. More than 1hour and 30 minutes of deep psychedelic music, from the beginning to the end.

Enjoy the ride!

Your Antidote

This is a free compilation, but please feel free to make a donation to support both artists and label!