VA Only The Music

VA Only The Music
  • Genre:Psychedelic Trance
  • Release date:20 Oct 2010
  • Catalogue Nr:UARCD004
  • Mastering:MadMaxtering
  • Artwork:PsyflyArt
  • Format:CD/Digital

Compiled by Psyfly, this special release is a birthday gift to his soulmate Cori a.k.a. DJane Corious. Its a coming together of friends/artists who agreed to be part of this special gift to a very special person. All Tracks on this VA have been generously and freely given by the artists just for her. Initially planned to be released independently until Urban Antidote Records graciously agreed to do it.

Comprising of ten amazing tracks including a bonus track for download with hard hitting bass lines and dance floor burners!

The artwork done by Psyfly will also contain unique handwritten b’day notes to Cori in the inlay design from the artists and friends.