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Trans Humantza



Trans Humantza is the alias of NairamNaoi, a name that was formed in 2001 in Romanian electronic scene with electro and techno influences.

Following years were spent as a resident DJ in local lounges and clubs from Brasov and in these years the shape of sound and his expressiveness showed other valences for his musical ear.

Transition from minimalist techno to the multitude of hypnotic arrangements of sounds was the key for the artistís emancipation.

Its music form now is given by the malleability of styles like psychedelic, forest and night-psy.

In the last years he played at international festivals (Funny Moon, ZenIt ), national festivals ( Transylvannia Calling, Waha, Rebirth ) and many local parties with friends from Dreamtime, Samsara Crew, SpaceSheep, Thrancians, Mushrooms From Gaia, Collective Minds (no hard feelings to the organizers if I forgot names).

The future looks bright, Trans Humantza is promising us hot and fresh sounds, maybe from his own forest.


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