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Signal2Noise Ratio



Signal2Noise Ratio“ is a project created to transform SIGNALs which are used to convey information into a series of loud, confused & psychedelic sounds.

As the term NOISE demonstrates, the music of „Signal2Noise Ratio“ containes sounds that may cause disturbances in the listeners predefined perception.
The quantitative relation between deep atmospheres and intelligent structures results in a perfectly balanced RATIO of ravishing grimness and high perceptible suspense.

Due to established knowlegde in producing technics „Signal2Noise Ratio“ guarrantees high quality psychedelic trance without technical irregular fluctuations.

The creative manipulators behind „Signal2Noise Ratio“ are Oli – Gargamel and Alfredo – Matakana, who already have a rich experienced past in the psychedelic trance scene as they are founding members of the project Malice in Wonderland.


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