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Serena is a rapidly rising talent on the London Psytrance scene. She first encountered psytrance culture soon after landing in the UK in 2012 and it didn’t take her long to start practicing mixing. It has since become her biggest passion and she likes nothing more than to share her favourite music with others. Since her groovy debut performance at Dionysia Launch Party in December 2015 she has been elevating her profile by joining Urban Antidote Records and now is also a founding member of The Peaking Duck Collective. Serena has been getting bookings at great parties in the UK and abroad, having the chance to perform a B2B with Giuseppe of Parvati Records, Novovratic and Full Face. Serena started 2017 by performing a DJ set at the Odysee festival in Berlin on NYE and continues to bring her enthusiasm and mixing skills to various summer festivals such as Ufo Bufo (CZ), Masters of Puppets (CZ), CLH (FN) and Tantra festival (FR). Serena plays a deeply psychedelic yet, bouncy style of powerful darkpsy and forest.


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