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Polarians is the Forest/Twilight project from Ruben Sponar, aka Rubuscubus and Joana Gregório, aka Coguie.

Rubuscubus is an Audio Engenieer and Electronic Music Producer sice 2010. Signed to Woo-Dog Records since 2019.
Creating Baselines filled with funky and energetic grooves, his Music turns any dancefloor into a dancing bubbly enchanted Forest tale.

Coguie is a Forest and Twilight DJ since 2012, and Music producer enthusiast and apprentice. Signed to the estableshed label Purple Hexagon Records since 2015.
Characterized for creating deep atmospheric and mind travel Sound Journeys, Loaded with powerful rhythms and spooky foresty Melodies.

Polarians born as a form to synthesize the Polarity on our musical inner essences and inspirations.
Blending them in a symbiosis where both Polar parts, Dark and Light, Day and Night, Sun and Moon, Sound and Silence, Good and Evil, dance harmoniously to show the beauty and power between their union.

To create their unique sounds, they invented and built a sound effect instrument box and by recording everyday objects and integrate these into digital soundscapes, they create their own organic and clear sounds.
This method allows them to combine the best of the digital format and the acoustic recordings made with the sound box.

As owners of their own Modular Synthesizer company CubuSynth (, they use their own Eurorack Modules to create otherwordly soundscapes and perform live, in order to increase originality and make each of their sets unique.


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