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Plech is a psychedelic trance DJ and party promoter from Prague, Czech Republic. He started DJing in 2007, having learned from some great old school Czech DJs, some of whom have left the psytrance scene altogether by now, which is a shame.
His first notable appearance was in 2009 at the wonderful Bio Nebio festival. Later, he performed at numerous indoor and outdoor parties in and around the Czech Republic, including several night time appearances at Ufo Bufo, currently the largest local open air festival. The biggest gig yet was at the Drops Festival in Slovenia in 2023.

Plech started with party promotion in 2009, when first he teamed up with DJ MiM to bring the multiinstrumentalist Xenomorph to the Cross Club in Prague, and later that year, with DJs Darjeel, Ejczka, MiM and others, he created the open air festival Maeström, hosting the renowned artists AES Dana, Orestis and Cujorius One. Since 2011, with DJ Ejczka (a tandem known as Polyhedra), they have put together (among other parties) eight repetitions of the acclaimed Der Klang in the Cross Club with peformances by Olien, Darkshire, LAB and many many others. In 2022, Plech joined the Ufo Bufo Festival crew, helping with organization, transporation, accomodation, etc.

Since 2023, Plech is a label DJ for one of his favorite underground labels, Urban Antidote Records.
Plech has also performed in several live music bands, plays the guitar, bass guitar and piano, exploring genres like progressive rock or jazz.

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