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PARUS is a psychedelic trance music project. Written and produced by twin brothers Valentin and Mark Tarasov. The twins were born March of 1981 in Riga, Latvia. In early nineties moved to San Francisco, CA . Since the beginning of 2000, PARUS sound was presented at some of the most spectacular psychedelic trance gatherings around the world. From San Francisco to New York from Russia to Japan, reaching beautiful shores of Portugal and energizing BOOM Festival dance floor. Brothers Valentin and Mark Tarasov performed alongside some of the worlds most renowned Acts in the psychedelic trance community.

Valentin and Mark are producers of Red Marines Music Festival based in California USA. With music released on many International Record labels Including: Auraquake Records, Drop-Out Productions, Urban Antidote Records, Tantrum Records, Moon Station Records, Avatar Records, Mighty Quinn Records, Brain Busters Records, Sangoma Records, Antishanti Records and many more.
PARUS music engulfs strong energy. Heavy rolling base-lines, crisp percussive sounds, and deep moving cosmic themes.


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