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Mutterkorn, not only a poisonous and hallucinogenic mushroom, but since 2008 also the name of the South German DJ ChristianKorn. In the beginning there was Punkrock, or Death Metal, or somehow both atabout the same time. Chris spent his youth preferably in the mosh pit at concerts of his favourite bands or at various rock festivals. But sometimes a single experience can be formativefor the rest of the life. And in his case, it was the first visit to a big Drum and Bass rave in 2003. Atone stroke his love for electronic music was ignited and that hasn’t changed since. After Drum and Bass, it didn’t take long until the first imprinting touches with Psytrance, Techno and many other varieties of electronic music. His DJ sets are as multi-faceted as his musical taste. Tailored to the party, to the time he plays and of course the audience, his sets vary from Deep House, Techno or progressive music to trippy, dark, nighttime Psychedelic Trance, which chases the audience across the dancefloor, full of driving energy. Withhis years of experience as a DJ at parties and festivals such as the S.U.N Festival, the Gaggalacka Festival, Hai in den Mai, every edition of Wummerland and a constantly growing music collection, Chris not only has agood feeling for the mood of the guests, but certainly also the right music in his case to go with. He particularly enjoys long playing times (so far up to eighthours) during which he has the opportunity to take the audience on a varied journey through different musical genres. Besides his DJ project he is a permanent member of the Gaggalacka Festival, the family and the founder of the Wummerland party series. 2020 will be an important year for him. He is now part of the Urban Antidote Artist roster and his party series Wummerland celebrates its 10th anniversary.


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