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Hakka met psytrance in small parties around 2006, and in 2010 he started playing dj sets of night time psychedelic music. Representing famous crews in Brazil, he performed at festivals such as Pulsar, Insight, Samadhi Parvati, Festival Alternativo do Kranti, Carnival Freak, Manifesto, Shivanerys, Forest Family, PsychoFreaks, Lost Paradise, among others.

He shared the stage with artists like Sator Arepo, Goch, Necropsycho, Nargun, Elowinz, Atropp, Fako, Baphomet Engine, Traxon, Uttu, Whiptongue, among others. In 2018 he has his debut live ready to blast some dancefloors out there, the style is defined on blending nocturnal influences, creating a hybrid of the night psychedelia music.


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