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FunG Fu (aka Paulo Martinho) was born in Mozambique (Inhambane Island) on May, 26th at the year of 1976. Very young he and his family moved to Portugal for living in Marinha Grande, West center of Portugal in a small city between the coast and the forest.
With 16 years old, he began his underground way of feeling and living the Music when he started to play drums on his first band of punk/hardcore. A few years later he moved to guitar and played in several rock bands, indie/noise/experimental scene until nowadays, a side project of his djing projects (Fung Fu and it3r nOcTuS ).

His 1st contact with electronic music was with the Techno style at the year of 2000 and he quickly began to make his first mixes with vinyl. Shortly after, had the experience of being on his 1st psychedelic trance party and immediately identified himself with the psychedelic scene and its culture,
Like him use to say: Music must have a history and has to be felt by the artist because that´s the only way the listeners can understand feel and love the message, or not!!
FUNG FU dj´sets are dedicated to the underground psychedelic family all over the world and for help him to realize their main goal, recently Fung Fu and the well-known “Urban Antidote Records” joined forces for present to the listeners not only the best vibes and feelings but also high quality of Music!