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Lefteris Leontiadis (born March 5, 1988), known as Digital Abstract, is a Greek composer and producer of electronic music.

Lefteris, fascinated by his experiences in psychedelic events in Greece, began to mix psytrance and other sounds from the psychedelic scene, at private parties and small clubs. Thrilled beyond obvious by the power of electronic music, he soon started the effort of creating his own tracks. So in 2009 he began producing with a computer and a keyboard, starting to gain a taste for computerized production.

He first experimented with eletronic genres like breakbeat,progressive and full on trance, before turning to the more dark path of the psytrance sounds, giving birth to his self-titled project Digital Abstract.

Dark, experimental and psychedelic, are all words that are used to describe Digital Abstractís music and each is more than justified.

Digital Abstract develops gradually and cultivates a sound thatís strictly psychedelic; a sound thatís mysterious, deep and powerful, with abstract production techniques, that are visual imagery structured.

Digital Abstract is noted for his constant search and experiments with unusual methodology in sound design, and manipulation with unparalleled technical skills.

After his first forays into the psychedelic scene, Lefteris decided to set up his first EP, working from his studio in his hometown of Thessaloniki.
No matter what, Lefterisí vision is clear, always ready to produce, pushing an uncompromisingly original, sensational and deep futuristic sound.


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