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DJ Audiact aka Marco Rosa mixes Psychedelic Trance, from Dark Psy to Glitch Chill, from Forest to Dark to Prog. The time and the space decide it, as long as it is real, full of love and strickly psychedelic!

Born in 1985 in Portugal, Marco Rosa aka Dj Audiact began his life as a musician with 6 years old by learning violin in the conservatoire till the age of 14. At this point, he started playing drums self-taught. Reaching 18, he joined two rock bands, but at the same time he got in touch with the Psytrance scene. By the end of 2003, he takes his first steps as a Psy Trance DJ and since then until today, his passion for mixing sonic psychedelia is still alive and stronger day by day! Between this period Audiact joined the local label Ruvi Prod in the early years, then in 2006 he’s invited to join Urban Antidote Records. In November 2009, Audiact obtains a certificate in Pioneer Professional Djing, under consideration of the jury Daniel Bernardo aka Menog. By 2011 he’s invited to join  Crystal Matrix Records, and by 2016 he joins the recently created Oxlhum Records from Mexico.

As a DJ or violinist (he recently started bringing his instrument to some Chill out Stages too!) he has actively participated in portuguese events such as the parties in Areão beach in Aveiro (2003-2005), Boivão The Ritual in 2008, Green Trippin’ Camp 2009 in Azores Islands, Carpediem 2009 in Caramulo, Freekuency Festival 2012 in Fronteira, also some very good events in Porto Rio or Hard Club in Oporto, parties in Players Club in Aveiro, NYE parties Trance Odissey 2014 and 2015 respectively in Cartaxo and Almeirim, the Astrologic Birthday Party 2014 and the Dmaniac Birthday Bash 2014 both in Cartaxo, Psybertech 2014 in Almeirim, the Teorema Zero Parts I and III in Coimbra and Leiria respectively;  Freedom Festival 2013, 2015 and 2017; the mystical ZNA Gathering 2013, 2015 and 2017, and Montargil respectively, the Urban Antidote Records 10 Year Celebration in 2016 and many many more!

In 2015 he moved to Ireland to obtain a Masters in Music Tech (which he recently graduated by October 2017), he got completely amazed by the Irish Psy Scene and couldn’t be more welcome! Here he got the chance to play in parties by Earthstar, Oggy Club, Energy Collective, PT Connection and the Awesome Alien Vibration Festival by Tongue On The RooF. By the end of 2017 he moves back to the origins, Portugal.

He also has recently created a chill out act, Psayagata. Psayagata is a symbiotic project in which the subtle sound of the Violin interpreted by Marco Rosa, merged with his conductive selection of chill out tunes mixed live, welcomes the hypnotic sound of the Sitar performed by Renato Oliveira, resulting in an immersive instrumental psychedelic experience. The very first Psayagata performance happened in Freedom Festival 2015 Chill Dome, Portugal, where Marco had the pleasure to merge his violin sound with a Sitar, performed live by the guest Renato Oliveira, the man behind Olive Tree Dance and Till Sunday Pirate. This GIG got such a positive feedback that Renato became a permanent musician in the act.

Either on the Dance floor or the Chill out, whether it is dark twisted sounds or morning sweet melodies, his passion for the psychedelic groove is alive and always ready for more!


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