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Dark and trippy around 150-170bpm…but with phat kicks and strong baselines…The most important thing for me is a crystal clear production and an intelligent story in the music!!! What is “Dark Psychedelic Trance” ? Trance crackers might be aghast at the thought that a blissful genre like trance could actually be…..*gulp*…..DARK….but in truth dark, evil-sounding trance was around before all the flighty, angelic crud. Trance, in its very basic form, is very cold and unfeeling stuff. Staccato synthlines, twitchy pulses, the subservience to technology. It’s no wonder the underground rivetheads picked up and understood this sound before the mainstream maaaah-sive club patrons did.

Infected with what we call „Trancevirus“ i started my first underground trance partys back in 1996… from the very first beginning i felt connected to the strong vibes on the dancefloor so i started travelling around Germany and the partys.

In the next 4 years i experienced many floors around europe and germany. 2002 i decided to start with djing, the rest is history.
The most important thing for me is to push the people on the dancefloor and make them keep moving… they start to get in trance when they can’t leave the floor … and thats our job 🙂

Music is an attitude – not a business!